Vale Bikes - DNA Accredited Painters

Adam Goron 5 Apr 2017


Vale Bikes / Carbon Bike Doctor is a DNA Paints accredited painter. Tristan is a Custom Boat & Bicycle Builder with over 20 years’ experience with carbon fibre and advanced composite materials. Now specializing in repairing and refinishing of high end carbon fibre bikes. Carbon Bike Doctor is Australia’s leading service in this field. Carbon Bike Doctor is now building their own custom carbon frames that will be finished in DNA Custom Paints.


Tristan Specialises in:  Bespoke custom work with advanced composites and custom finishes.

Why Vale Bikes use DNA Custom Paints: The paint colours, special effect products, quality of product / equipment and packaging. The fact it is an Australian company – I like to support Australian manufacturing.

What Tristan loves about his job: The custom nature of every job. The smiles on customers’ faces when they first see their finished product.






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